Resveratrol Skincare

Anti-Aging Super Hero



  • Can reduce inflammation in the blood vessels and improve their function
  • Neutralises free radical damage
  • Banishes wrinkles and enhances firmness
  • Supports the skin’s own production of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid
  • Stimulates healthy cell proliferation
  • Improves function of fibroblasts responsible for creating healthy collagen
  • Beneficial for repair and prevention of damage in all skin types

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a potent polyphenolic antioxidant that’s naturally found in berries, peanuts, blueberries, cranberries and red grapes and, yes you guessed it, red wine. Over the past 10 years, it has come to be known as the “longevity molecule.” It works in a number of ways to improve skin function and appearance, and studies have proven it to be one of the top antioxidants in anti-aging skincare.

A natural antioxidant, resveratrol is found in more than 70 plant species and botanical sources. In plants, it protects the plant from stresses to its surfaces, such as from Ultraviolet light and fungal infections. For skin benefits when applied topically, skincare with Resveratrol has benefits for anti-aging, acne, free radical protection, skin redness reduction and hydration benefits. 

Resveratrol can be found in skincare including moisturisers, serums, eye creams, face creams and masques.

How is Resveratrol different from other antioxidants?

Applied topically, resveratrol helps protect the skin’s surface, interrupts and helps rebuff negative environmental influences, and brightens a tired-looking complexion. It also has significant skin-calming properties that may help minimise the look of redness. 

It is the combined method of action that makes Resveratrol one of the best antioxidants in anti-aging and different from other topically applied antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and ferulic acid. It is unique in that it is capable of neutralising free radicals in a similar way to other antioxidants, while also having the ability to increase and strengthen the skin’s natural antioxidant defences.

What does Resveratrol do?

This potent antioxidant’s unique multi-action approach helps neutralise free radicals, which damage cells leading to tissue damage, and promotes the production of the skin’s natural antioxidants. Resveratrol also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.  While 10 years is relatively new when talking about the skincare market, emerging research is showing that Resveratrol is another antioxidant superhero for your skin. Scientific studies suggest that topically applied it protects against UVB-induced photodamage, pigmentation, and collagen degradation. In other words, it may address your aging skin concerns by helping to brighten skin and prevent fine lines.

And whilst you may still be lingering on the happy thought of a glass of red wine a day being good for you, and if red wine contains Resveratrol then bring it on baby…the truth is while a glass or two of the red stuff might address the cardio and cholesterol benefits associated with this antioxidant superhero, you’d need to drink 1,000 bottles of wine a day to get enough Resveratrol to reap the purported skin benefits such as reduced signs of aging, acne, enhanced fibroblast function and free radical protection. Where visible aging is concerned, there’s an easier way to get your fix: topical application of Resveratrol using quality skincare products in which it is a key ingredient.

While much of the research around this “longevity molecule” has focused on its internal use, Resveratrol has also been shown to be an effective topical antioxidant, fighting the good fight against free radicals. Antioxidants are essential in neutralising the skin aging molecules that are produced by the aging process and other factors such as UV damage, pollution and cigarette smoking. Resveratrol not only works against free radicals but also increases the skin’s overall antioxidant effectiveness, to improve the look of fine lines, skin firmness, elasticity, hyperpigmentation, texture and overall radiance.

Resveratrol has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which calm down the skin, reduce skin aging and may keep [the skin] free of infections. Due to its anti-microbial properties, it inhibits the growth of acne-causing bacteria, as well as enhances the effects of the acne-fighting ingredient benzoyl peroxide. It also tackles acne inflammation and post-acne scarring by reducing redness, calming the skin and lightening dark spots, giving you a more even complexion. 


  • WHILST PREGNANT – It seems that the advice not to drink alcohol whilst pregnant, also applies to the use of skincare with Resveratrol, and so pregnant women may want to skip this ingredient for the time being.
  • EVENING APPLICATION ADVISED – It also has been shown to possess light-sensitive qualities. For this reason, you may want to restrict your resveratrol regimen to the evening, as UV rays could render resveratrol much less effective.

Resveratrol can also appear as an ingredient listed as;-

Cis-Resveratrol; Kojo-Kon; Phytoalexin; Phytoestrogen; Protykin; Red Wine Extract; Resveratrols; RSV; RSVL; Stilbene Phytoalexin; Trans-Resveratrol or Wine Extract

Look for Resveratrol in moisturisers, serums and eye creams.

Please Note: Aspect Dr products feature higher-level active ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy without a prescription. These products are only sold at select physician, skin clinic and spa locations. If your purchase contains any Aspect Dr products – our Skin Specialist is required to speak with you regarding the use of these products before your purchase can be authorised and shipped.

Our skincare products containing Resveratrol

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A Guide to Selecting the Best Skincare Products

Your skin is the bodies largest organ. Its major functions are protection, regulation and sensation. If our skin is not functioning to its full ability, these functions may become compromised.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of skincare options these days. Not only are there doctors, dermatologists, skin professionals and aestheticians telling you this or that, you also have YouTubers, bloggers and beauty enthusiasts flooding you with thoughts and ideas too. It’s no wonder there are so many skin issues and concerns these days. When you don’t know where to start or what information is reliable, how is your skin really going to respond? More importantly, the use of incorrect skincare products can actually exasperate your condition or cause additional skin problems.

The use of professional active ingredient skincare is recommended. The “Professional” skincare products we recommend on this site can only be purchased through certified stockists and practitioners who are required to provide their professional advice on the application of these products, (as opposed to those you can purchase over the counter (OTC) in the department stores and supermarkets). These recommended professional products contain;-

  • higher levels of active ingredients to boost your skin’s health and correct skin problems
    (OTC product lines have less active ingredients to minimise the chance of irritation to protect the buyer)
  • are backed by clinical studies
    (not exaggerated unsubstantiated claims)
  • are made in small batches and distributed to trained or licensed skin therapists, spas and salons to be supplied with professional advice on their use
    (OTC products are made for the masses and sold in department stores and supermarkets)
  • contain small molecule technology for dermal and epidermal penetration
    (OTC products that lack active ingredients, have large molecules which are not able to penetrate the skin. When a product can’t properly penetrate the skin, it will only “superficially” treat and temporarily provide relief to skin concerns. This gives the illusion that the products are working without actually treating the skin. Professional lines use molecular technology that penetrates the skin producing clinical results)
  • are packaged in airless pump packs to eliminate spoilage of ingredients  when exposed to the air
  • have pH balanced and adjusted ingredients – skin functions at its prime when the natural pH is between 4.5 and 5.5.
    (Often OTC products don’t take pH into consideration and will leave the skin in an alkaline state. When the skin is alkaline, bacteria and free radicals (such as pollution) can invade the skin)
  • do not contain unnecessary fillers and preservatives

Professional skincare often has a reputation of being “too expensive” but that is more often than not actually far from the truth. A good professional line will price their products according to the concentration of active ingredients versus fillers and are actually overall more budget-friendly. It is a common mistake to overuse products which leads to the perception that professional skincare is more expensive. Our Skin Specialist will advise you on the appropriate amount and when to use the products according to your skin condition and type.

When used properly, professional skincare products will last longer and work better giving you the ultimate bang for your buck. OTC products will have a lower upfront cost but over time can be similar in price or more expensive than professional skincare and won’t actually repair the skin condition being treated.

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