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IPL Laser Hair Removal

With SHR – the latest innovation in IPL Laser Hair Reduction

Getting rid of unwanted hair is an age-old issue, with long-term hair removal being particularly challenging. You might be familiar with the various forms of hair removal, be it shaving, epilating, tweezing, waxing or IPL Laser hair reduction treatments. But there’s something new…just three letters you need to remember when it comes to getting gorgeous hair-free skin for the summer ahead – those 3 letters are SHR.

The acronym SHR stands for Swift Hair Removal. SHR is a huge step forward in permanent IPL Laser hair reduction treatments and is the most advanced way of removing unwanted hair. SHR uses groundbreaking technology to offer a simple, one-stop solution for truly effective hair reduction. SHR is faster than traditional IPL and Laser, it’s safer (when operated by a trained and qualified therapist), and pain-free in comparison.  A revolutionary new method for permanent hair removal treatments for our clients, both ladies and gentlemen.

Say goodbye to painful hair removal methods & laborious treatment times

Say hello to long-lasting results & full-body confidence day after day

IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment Prices

Facial Area

  • Chin $30
  • Eyebrow / Monobrow $25
  • Lip $25
  • Lip & Chin $40
  • Full Face $70
  • Face & Neck $90
  • Face, Neck & Decolletage $120
  • Sides of Face $45
  • Neck - Back or Front $45
  • Neck - Full $60

Upper Body

  • 1/2 Arms $79
  • 1/2 Arms (Men) $99
  • 1/2 Back $119
  • Aerola $39
  • Abs - Stomach $119
  • Chest + ABS $189
  • Chest Upper $119
  • Full Arms $149
  • Full Arms (Men) $179
  • Full Back $189
  • Full Back + Shoulders + Chest + Abs $350
  • Full Back + Upper Chest $288
  • Hands & Fingers $40
  • Shoulders $69
  • Underarms $45
  • Underarms (Men) $55

Lower Body

  • 1/2 Leg $109
  • 1/2 Leg (Men) $129
  • Bikini $45
  • Brazilian XXX $79
  • Buttocks (not incl perianal) $120
  • Feet & Toes $40
  • Full Leg $159
  • Full Leg (Men) $179
  • G-String $55
  • Knees $45
  • Manzilian XXX (not incl perianal) $140
  • Snail Trail (Navel) $29
  • Speedo - Men's Bikini $65


  • Bikini + Underarms $80
  • G-String + Underarms $90
  • Brazilian XXX + Underarms $114
  • Naval Line + Areola $58
  • 1/2 Leg + Underarms $144
  • 1/2 Leg + Bikini $144
  • 1/2 Leg + G-String $154
  • 1/2 Leg + Brazilian XXX $165
  • 1/2 Leg + Brazilian XXX + Underarms $195
  • Full Leg + Bikini $175
  • Full Leg + G-String $185
  • Full Leg + Brazilian XXX $199
  • Full Leg + Bikini + Underarms $235
  • Full Leg + Brazilian XXX + Underarms $245
  • Full Body (Ladies) $350
  • Full Body (Men) $420

If you are fed up with shaving or waxing, or the pain associated with IPL or LASER Hair ReductionTreatment – you should consider SHR IPL permanent hair reduction


What is the difference between IPL Laser and SHR?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL uses a single high-intensity pulse of multiple wavelength light energy directly into the dermis, which targets the hair follicles and melanin. The light energy emitted is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and changed into heat to damage the targeted hair follicle. The intense light and energy from IPL is converted into heat energy and is able to cause damage to the hair follicles without causing too much damage to the skin. This makes IPL more suitable for people with darker and coarser hair. IPL is not suitable for treating sensitive and/or darker skin types (Fitzpatrick Skin Types 4 (IV) to 6 (VI).

SHR stands for Swift Hair Reduction, the latest pain-free advancement in Laser/IPL permanent hair reduction systems. Traditional IPL uses a press and flash method whilst SHR IPL is a constant in motion of multiple flashes as the light is run across the skin. The pulses or shots use less energy to do the same job as traditional IPL so heat the skin and follicle less which is a much more comfortable experience.

SHR differs from traditional IPL Laser Hair Treatment in that the light energy delivery targets the hair stem cells as well as the blood supply that feeds it. It does not rely solely on the colour (pigment) of the hair to effectively destroy the targeted hair follicle. SHR technology gradually heats the skin by an in motion or sliding technique until the ideal amount of energy is delivered to the hair follicle. The shots achieve high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up, with virtually no pain that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. The in-motion technique of moving the applicator repeatedly over the treatment area ensures full coverage while the cooling system cools the skin surface preventing superficial burns and allowing for virtually painless, yet highly effective hair removal. SHR delivery creates a shorter treatment time compared with IPL and Laser.

New clinical research has shown that a slower and longer focused heating process by SHR is more effective for permanent hair reduction than high and short levels of energy used in traditional Laser/IPL systems.

Why choose Nascent Skin & Beauty?

At Nascent Skin and Beauty, we are pleased to offer advanced non-surgical solutions that work. Whether you suffer from excessive hair growth or just want to stop regularly shaving, waxing and plucking, SHR IPL Laser Hair Treatments are designed to stop hair growth from impacting your life. Our expert therapists are skilled in removing hair from all areas of the body for both women and men, on nearly all skin types, and because SHR IPL hair reduction has little to no downtime, you can get back to your daily routine straight away.

Our highly trained and skilled therapists use the Protege System, a medical-grade TGA Australia Approved IPL System from Australian Aesthetic Devices (Aesthetics Bureau). Your safety and well-being are paramount when we treat you, and we are extremely selective regarding the equipment we use, and the training of our staff. We chose the Protege System from the Aesthetics Bureau as they are the only TGA certified IPL and LED manufacturer in Australia carrying an international ISO 13485 certification.

Compare SHR IPL to the cost and hassle of a lifetime of waxing, shaving, tweezing and plucking

SHR technology is much like traditional IPL treatment but instead of delivering individual high-intensity shots to the treatment area, SHR scans the treatment zone – gradually heating the skin with repetitive low fluence pulses until the hair follicle is destroyed, resulting in stunted hair regrowth or complete elimination of the hair follicle.

Yes, if conducted by a trained and experienced IPL technician. However, if your IPL Laser or Skin Clinic are not conducting Patch Tests or Comprehensive Skin Consultations prior to administering your IPL treatment…CHANGE to a Clinic that does. These tests and consultations are for your continued SAFETY.

IPL Laser Hair Treatment is the most popular aesthetic procedures performed around the world. SHR IPL Laser treatments have provided safe and effective permanent hair reduction for millions of people worldwide. Because SHR Lasers utilize IN-MOTION™ and low-heat settings we are able to provide a level of safety unlike any other laser hair removal procedure.

With the integration of SHR technology into select IPL devices, clients can now enjoy unprecedented treatment times. The scanning method of IPL light delivery slashes session times in half so you can spend less time at the salon and more time enjoying life with silky smooth skin.

SHR also brings great news for those who are a little intimidated by the thought of discomfort during waxing or traditional IPL/laser hair removal. The gradual heat distribution of SHR means treatments are totally comfortable, non-irritating and virtually pain free making it ideal for even sensitive skin types.

SHR filters out unnecessary wavelengths which are not needed making the treatment very comfortable and painless. Most people say it just feels like a warm shave or warm massage. It can feel a little prickly on direct bone areas like the shin but on other areas you probably won’t feel anything.

Like traditional IPL machines, SHR removes unwanted hair pretty much anywhere on the face and body from the upper lip to the bikini line and beyond. So the question is – why would you ever go back to time consuming, uncomfortable and old-fashioned hair removal methods when the future of fast, pain-free and long-lasting hair reduction is right here, right now?

An entire summer without waxing, tweezing or shaving? Don’t mind if we do!

No. SHR IPL Laser treatments have no “down time” and requires no recovery time. You can have a treatment and return to work and other normal activities immediately.

SHR is safe for both lighter and darker skin types and all hair types can be treated, however it may not be as effective in treating lighter or finer hairs and requires more treatments. Although SHR is safe for both lighter and darker skin types, it is not suitable for extremely dark skin types e.g african skin.

This depends on your individual hair type. Most clients require 6-10 sessions to achieve optimum results though hair will reduce and become finer with each treatment. Treatments to the face should be spaced 2-4 weeks apart while body treatments should be spaced 4 weeks apart. 

It usually takes ten days to two weeks before the hair sheds, however sometimes this cannot be visually seen as previously experienced with traditional Laser/IPL that burn the hair off with single high energy pulses. SHR targets both the hair pigment and hair stem cells with repetitive low energy pulses, hence it may appear as if it is still growing as the hair is pushed to the surface and eventually falls out. Often the hair can fall out in the shower, during shaving or exfoliating. Individual results will depend on your skin type, hair coarseness and natural growth cycle.

Medications that cause photosensitivity such as Roaccutane, tetracycline, doxycycline or herbal (St John’s Wort) etc are prohibited during SHR treatments as it can cause potential burns or pigmentation. SHR may only be permitted 6 months after stopping use of any photosensitising medications or as directed by your doctor. Clients must advise the SHR therapist of any current intake of medication to ensure safe SHR treatment.

Females who are experiencing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or any hormonal conditions can achieve excellent results and the SHR technology ensures it is with much less pain than traditional IPL or Laser. However with hormonal imbalances it may take a little longer and more frequent touch up treatments will be required as ongoing maintenance.

No. SHR treatments are strictly not permitted until 3 months post pregnancy and/or 3 months post breastfeeding, for both safety and hormonal reasons.

Those who are attempting to conceive should not have any IPL, Laser or SHR IPL treatments during this period.

No. SHR treatments are strictly not permitted during or post cancer treatments.

We may not treat you if you present with any of the following;-

  • You suffer from diseases stimulated by light (Lupus, Epilepsy…)
  • You are using anticoagulants (blood thinners) or have a history of bleeding coagulopathies.
  • You have any active infections: herpetic lesions, cold sores (place on anti-viral medication pre-treatment)
  • You have any inflammatory skin condition (e.g. eczema, etc.), in the area to be treated.
  • You have tattoos, permanent make-up, suspicious pigmented lesions in the area you wish treated
  • You have a history of keloidal scarring
  • You have undertaken electrolysis, diathermy, waxing or plucking in last 6 weeks in any area you wish treated
  • You are planning to be in the sun following treatment
  • You suffer diabetes (unless under control)
  • You have cancer, in particular, skin cancer
  • You have hormonal disorders (unless under control)
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The Hair Growth Cycle

Have you ever considered why some people can grow hair past their waist, while others can’t grow hair past their shoulders? Or why you need to cut the hair on your head, but not the hair on your arms? Or maybe you’ve wondered if losing hair in the shower is normal or if it’s something to be concerned about?

Hair strands are primarily made up of a protein called keratin and grow from hair follicles in the skin. The hair follicle itself is made up of the papilla and the bulb. The papilla contains tiny blood vessels that deliver blood supply to the hair follicle. The papilla nourishes the hair follicle with the necessary nutrients for hair growth. The bulb, which surrounds the papilla, is where the hairs’ cells divide and new hair is regrown. Cells of the bulb divide much faster than the other cells in the human body.

There are around 100,000 hair follicles on the scalp alone, and five million hair follicles on the body.

The hair strand (or shaft) is the visible part of the hair. The hair strand is made up of a hard protein called keratin and a scale-like outer protective layer called the cuticle. Hair strands are actually dead, which is why it doesn’t hurt to get a haircut!

As new hair is manufactured in the follicle, it pushes out the hair strand creating longer hair. Hair grows about 0.3mm to 0.4mm each day, which adds up to around six inches per year.

However, not all hair follicles are growing new hair at the same time. Hair growth occurs in a cycle of 4 stagesAnagen Stage; Catagen Stage; Telogen Stage and the Exogen Stage. At any given time, each strand is in a different stage of the cycle. It’s a good thing that each of our hair’s cycles are not in sync, otherwise, we would shed all of our hair at once!

Anagen (Growing Phase)

The growing phase of a hair follicle on the head lasts two to seven years and determines the length of our hair. The Anagen phase however for hair on the arms, legs, eyebrows, etc. lasts just 30 – 45 days. The longer the hair stays in the Anagen phase, the longer it will grow. During the anagen phase, cells of the bulb divide rapidly, resulting in new hair growth. Eighty to 90% of hair follicles are in the anagen phase at any given time.

Whilst hairs are in the Anagen stage they are still attached to the papilla.

During this stage, IPL or Laser light can travel the length of the hair strand and actually destroy the papilla and bulb preventing hair regrowth.

Catagen (Regression Phase)

This stage lasts about ten days. The hair follicle shrinks and detaches from the dermal papilla.

IPL and Laser cannot destroy the hair or papilla in this stage.

Telogen (Resting Phase)

The resting phase lasts around three months. Around 10-15% of hairs are in this phase. Whilst the old hair is resting, new hair begins the growth phase.

IPL and Laser cannot destroy the hair or papilla in this stage.

Exogen (Shedding Phase)

The exogen, or hair shedding, phase is the last part of the hair cycle. Every hair eventually sheds, and it’s completely normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs each day.

In fact, the exogen phase is why you’ll frequently see hairs in your shower drain or on your hairbrush. You should only be concerned if there’s a sudden change and many more hairs than usual are falling out.

After the exogen phase, the follicle then returns to the anagen phase and the cycle repeats.

IPL and Laser cannot destroy the hair or papilla in this stage.

The SHR IPL Treatment

A consultation and patch test is required a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours prior to commencing your 1st IPL treatment so that our Skin Specialist can assess your skin suitability. The consultation process takes approximately thirty (30) minutes and will include a test shot (referred to as a patch test) with the SHR IPL handpiece in the vicinity of where treatment is required.

During an IPL treatment (hair removal or skin rejuvenation) special protective eyewear (supplied) must be worn by both the patient and the clinician. A special cooling conductive gel will be applied to the area being treated.

The handpiece has a chilled tip that cools the skin during treatment reducing any discomfort as the SHR pulses of light are passed evenly across the skin. Whilst the handpiece passes over the skin, despite wearing protective eyewear and even having your eyes shut tightly, you may be aware of each flashing pulse of light – particularly with treatments on the face. This can feel a little disconcerting but is completely safe and you will become less aware of the flashing as the treatment continues.

For permanent hair reduction you may require a series of six (6) to twelve (12) sessions as hair needs to be targeted during it’s Anagen stage.

Most clients report permanent hair loss from 80-90% whilst any remaining hair returns lighter and softer. In achieving optimum results, it is important that a full treatment course is undertaken to ensure all hair follicles are treated in their appropriate phase of growth. Each treatment takes approximately five (5) to fifteen (15) minutes. Extended areas such as full legs or full back and chest will require longer appointment times to complete the treatments.

Results are permanent however annual maintenance treatments may be required to achieve a lifetime of smooth skin.

Note: It is possible to have new hair growth triggered if you go through any hormonal changes such as starting or stopping contraceptive pills, pregnancy, menopause, changes in medications or long term stress.

Qualified and Experienced Staff

Kay, your Skin Specialist, is a highly qualified and experienced Skin and Beauty Aesthetics Practitioner with Diplomas in Beauty, Hair, Skin Aesthetics and Epilation awarded from the London Guild College, United Kingdom, and has more than 35 years of practising experience.

In pursuing the modality of Skin Care and Rejuvenation, Kay has Graduate Diploma qualifications in Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Laser; Permanent Hair Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation; Radio Frequency Treatments and Tattoo Removal; awarded by the Sydney Dermal Institute, Australia.

Kay continues to enhance her skincare education, knowledge, and subsequently your skincare results, by learning about the latest techniques, equipment and products as they emerge and develop and bringing the best of that knowledge, equipment and products to our clinic.

Kay is a practicing Member of the Australian Beauty Industry Council.

At NASCENT our interest and passion for advanced skincare management means we take pride in our ability to listen carefully to your needs and wants, perform advanced skin analysis and diagnosis, and customise an in-clinic and home skincare treatment plan to meet those needs and deliver outstanding skin rejuvenation results.

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BEFORE IPL Laser Hair Treatment

  • DO NOT expose the treatment area to the sun or solarium four (4) – six (6) weeks prior to treatment
  • ALWAYS use sunblock with SPF 30+ before and after treatments – whenever exposed to sunlight
  • DO NOT use spray tan or tanning creams at least two (2) weeks prior to treatment – all traces of tan have to be removed. The hair reduction procedure may have to be postponed if you have a tan. Any form of tanning may lead to complications and side effects such as hyper and hypopigmentation
  • DO NOT wax, pluck or bleach the hair for four (4) weeks before and during treatment. You may shave in-between treatments
  • DO NOT use prescription Retin-A™ for two (2) weeks prior to treatment
  • DO NOT use Roaccutane™ for at least six (6) months prior to treatment
  • DO NOT shave the proposed treatment area for 7 days prior to your treatment. Your therapist needs to see the hair growth and will shave you immediately before your treatment.
  • Remove all make-up, deodorants, cosmetics and sunscreen products with a neutral cleanser prior to
    commencing the treatment.
  • Remove any jewellery from the treatment area.

AFTER IPL Laser Hair Treatment

  • The skin in the treated area may go slightly red for a few hours and may feel warm similar to a light sunburn
  • ALWAYS use sunblock with SPF 30+ before and after treatments – whenever exposed to sunlight
  • Apply a soothing gel is recommended twice a day for three (3) to four (4) days until the skin has recovered

If redness is apparent after treatment, until it subsides completely avoid the following;-

  • makeup over the treated area – mineral make up is ok if necessary
  • using perfumed lotions or creams, exfoliants, loofah sponges, Retin-A products etc
  • hot or cold water – use tepid water
  • shaving
  • swimming in pools and spas with chlorine or multiple chemicals
  • activities that cause perspiration
  • sun exposure of treatment area (ongoing)

In the case of micro crusting or swelling of the skin apply a soothing gel as recommended and advise us immediately;-

  • DO NOT pick or scratch the area as this may lead to infection and scarring
  • The hair will appear to grow (though very slowly) for two (2) to four (4) weeks during which time you will see it fall out, particularly when showering, this is the treated hair being pushed out of the follicle, not new growth
  • Any hair that does not fall out was either not in the Anagen Stage or possibly wasn’t treated
  • New growth will appear in the areas that were shaved and treated, though there will be a certain percentage of hairs that don’t grow back. This percentage will increase with each session as hairs in their Anagen Stage are eliminated and eventually, you are hair-free.
  • Between treatments, DO NOT wax or pluck the hair, allow the hair to fall away by gently exfoliating (once the skin has settled) or you may shave lightly during this period.

Once you’ve completed your treatment cycle, you can look forward to a lifetime of smooth skin with only the occasional maintenance treatment. Compare that to the cost, pain and hassle of a lifetime of waxing.

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