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For the best waxing on the Central Coast make an appointment at Nascent Skin and Beauty Clinic – using only industry best wax products available for your comfort and hair removal results.

The biggest advantage waxing has over all other types of temporary hair removal is that the hair takes considerably longer to grow back. Although the rate of re-growth can vary between each individual, typically no hair begins to reappear for over a week – a pleasant relief compared to the unsightly stubble which starts to emerge almost immediately after shaving.

Not only does wax remove the hair at the root but it also exfoliates the skin, providing ultra-smooth, silky results. Potential side effects are relatively minimal with wax. We will advise you on aftercare, along with products we recommend to ensure your results are hassle-free and to minimise ingrown hairs.

To ensure our client satisfaction we are fussy about which waxes we use. For delicate and sensitive skin areas we insist on using an Australian Made Wax – Jax Wax “Heath”® (previously distributed as Adam and Eve “Lust”), designed especially for Brazilian applications. For other waxing procedures, we choose to use Mancine Ultraflex®.

Our staff are highly experienced and qualified Aestheticians. All equipment and instruments are thoroughly sterilised before every treatment and we only use disposable products for quality hygiene.

And of course, if you get tired of waxing then perhaps it’s time to take a look at something more permanent, like our latest SHR IPL Permanent Hair Reduction. Virtually painless when compared with the traditional IPL or Laser Hair Removal Treatments or waxing and tweezing.

And to ensure your safety and well being with Light Treatments we choose to use the Protege SHR IPL System. Designed in Australia, a medical-grade TGA Australia Approved IPL System from Australian Aesthetics Devices (Aesthetics Bureau), the only TGA certified IPL and LED manufacturer in Australia carrying an international ISO 13485 certification.

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  • 1/2 Arm $35
  • 1/2 Leg $40
  • 1/2 Leg + Bikini OR Underarm $57
  • 1/2 Leg + Bikini PLUS Underarm $73
  • 3/4 Leg $45
  • 3/4 Leg + Bikini OR Underarm $60
  • 3/4 Leg + Bikini PLUS Underarm $77
  • Areola $25
  • Bikini Line $30
  • Bikini Line - G String $40
  • Brazilian XXX (first time) $65
  • Brazilian XXX (within 28 days) $55
  • Eyebrows $25
  • Full Arm $45
  • Full Body $185
  • Full Face $55
  • Full Leg $60
  • Full Leg + Bikini OR Underarm $70
  • Full Leg + Bikini PLUS Underarm $85
  • Lip + Chin $30
  • Lip + Chin + Eyebrow $45
  • Lip + Eyebrow $35
  • Lip OR Chin $20
  • Navel (Stomach) $25
  • Sides of Face $30
  • Thigh $45
  • Thigh + Bikini OR Underarm $60
  • Thigh + Bikini PLUS Underarm $77
  • Underarm $28


  • 1/2 Leg $45
  • Abs (Stomach) $47
  • Back & Chest & Shoulders & Abs $95
  • Back & Shoulders $60
  • Buttocks $50
  • Chest & Shoulders $60
  • Ears $20
  • Ears + Nose + Eyebrows $40
  • Eyebrow (Centre or Mono) $20
  • Eyebrows (Full) $25
  • Full Arm $50
  • Full Body $245
  • Full Body + Manzilian + Buttocks $365
  • Full Leg $65
  • Full Leg + Speedo Bikini $100
  • Manzilian $80
  • Neck (Back of) $30
  • Speedo (Men's Bikini) $50
  • Underarm $30

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Nascent Skin and Beauty Clinic - Waxing SpecialistsYou’re not alone if you’re considering a little ‘Manscaping’ or hair removal. Our trained therapists are the specialists in hair removal and your waxing needs can be attended to in the privacy of a clinic not a shopfront salon. We understand you might like to “bare down” for the summer beach visits or perhaps your cycling or swimming regime works better when waxed, or maybe you just want to tidy up for your partner – but needing to visit a ladies beauty store to have this attended to isn’t something you look forward to?

Come to Nascent and have your waxing, spray tan and skin needs attended to in the privacy of a clinic where discretion is assured.

Of course, if you decide you’d like to be finished with waxing, shaving, tweezing and plucking all together – you might like to consider something more permanent like our latest SHR IPL Permanent Hair Reduction treatments. Click here to see more about SHR IPL Permanent Hair Reduction.

Before Your Waxing Appointment

Hair removal is probably one of our least favourite beauty rituals. There’s nothing wrong with embracing all your body hair where they are naturally meant to be but some of us prefer silky smooth, hairless body parts. Shaving is undoubtedly the most popular method of hair removal, followed closely by waxing.

As unpleasant and painful an experience this method is, the results definitely last a whole lot longer than shaving. Never mind the fact that hair grows back even thicker after shaving! Pain aside, some women are put off from waxing because of the recommended before and after precautions. However, if you follow these carefully, you’ll get the most out of your wax, and your skin will remain healthy too.

  • Shower at least two hours before your wax but not later than that. A bath opens up your pores and makes your skin vulnerable to infection.
  • Allow hair to grow out for roughly two weeks before your appointment, as wax can’t grip your hair when it’s too short.
  • If you’re having your bikini area waxed, wear your most comfy granny panties. Anything too tight or lacy will irritate the freshly waxed area.
  • Expect your skin to be sensitive and a little red. The skin should look evenly red and spotty where the waxing has occurred.
  • Use antibacterial or anti-inflammatory moisturisers and only use warm water (not hot) when washing.
  • Use an ingrown hair product to keep the skin soft and enable new hairs to come through more easily. 
  • Avoid wearing makeup or touching the area with your fingers.
  • Consider having a deep cleansing facial. This can help to calm any redness in your skin.
  • GENTLEMEN – men have thicker, more stubborn hair. So it’s important to use an exfoliant and ingrown hair treatment to keep hair follicles soft and prevent them from entering your skin (commonly known as ingrown hairs).
  • Take painkillers if desired – It may sound extreme but it does work. Before your waxing treatment, take a light painkiller and make sure you give it enough time to take effect. Naturally, the painkillers will take some of the edge off the treatment, plus it’ll help you relax which reduces the pain even more. Being tense during a wax not only stresses you mentally but your pores actually grip tighter onto hair follicles. Taking Ibuprofen before a treatment can also lessen any mild swelling that might come about from the waxing.
  • Choose an experienced waxing professional – none of these tips will make a difference if your waxing technician is inexperienced. It’s vital to book with a skilled technician who knows simple tricks like pressing the skin immediately after it’s waxed – particularly in painful areas. It’s best if they’re fast and tidy too – the less time you’re being waxed, the less pain. 
  • No matter what area of your body you’re getting waxed, don’t schedule a wax within three days prior to your period, as your skin will be extra sensitive and your pain threshold may be lower.
  • Don’t get waxed on the day of a special event. Your skin may be red and sensitive for a day or two, so best to schedule your wax for 2 to 3 days before a special occasion.
  • If you’ve recently treated your skin for abrasions, cuts or allergies avoid waxing until your skin has recovered completely.
  • Do not wax if you’ve had a Botox treatment done to a part of your body, refrain from waxing the area for at least 72 hours.

After Your Waxing Appointment

  • Do moisturise – the simple yet most effective way of maintaining post-wax silky soft skin is by moisturising. Waxing removes the top layer of the epidermis revealing new, softer skin – but simultaneously strips away the skin’s natural oil and moisture.
  • Do wear loose-fitting clothing Tight clothing has a tendency to constrict your movement, body and your skin. It will put more pressure on your skin after a wax, making it feel more tender. This is why we always advise clients to wear looser clothes for when the wax is complete.
  • Do keep it cool – Trust us on this one, this will reduce all kinds of redness or irritation once your wax is done. Consider an ice pack or a frozen bag of peas from the freezer on any areas that are warm or sore if needed.
  • Do use antibacterial or anti-inflammatory moisturisers and only use warm water (not hot) when washing.
  • As some areas and skin types have a tendency for ingrown hairs, two days after waxing, lightly exfoliate the area to remove dead skin that can stop new hairs coming through.
  • Do use an ingrown hair product to keep the skin soft and enable new hairs to come through more easily.
  • Do not use saunas, spas, steam rooms, pools or lie in the sun for 48 hours after your wax – hot water will widen your pores, giving your skin more of an opportunity to break out in infection or ingrown hairs.
  • Do not use perfumed products post wax – avoid perfumed deodorant or perfumed products such as body spray or strong lotion as the chemicals can aggravate the skin and cause soreness.
  • Do not wear makeup and avoid touching the area with your fingers.
  • Do not use public swimming pools – for a couple of days as chlorine can be drying and could aggravate delicate skin types.
  • Do not head to the gym – first and foremost, going to the gym entails wearing tight, air-resistant clothing, which will cause friction in the area – this can lead to redness and ingrown hairs. Also, the likelihood of sweating is inevitable so this can give way to bacterial infections. Definitely take a day to let your skin retract and snap back to normal before hitting the gym.

NOTE: Waxing + Spray Tans

PLAN AHEAD: If you are seeking to have a Spray Tan as well as waxing you will require a 2nd appointment at least two (2) days after your waxing for the tan.

Spray Tanning immediately following waxing is not advised as the skin surface is still sensitive and the pores of your skin are more open. This can result in darker spotting of your skin where the spray tan sits in the open pores.

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