Aspect Exfol L

Aspect Exfol L

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Aspect Exfol L
Aspect Exfol L
Aspect Exfol L
Aspect Exfol L
Aspect Exfol L
Aspect Exfol L
Aspect Exfol L
Aspect Exfol L
Aspect Exfol L
Aspect Exfol L

Aspect Exfol L

Model Number: AS-030-013

Aspect Exfol L is an exfoliating night serum packed with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) to deliver the necessary nutrients to renew the skin cells. Aspect Exfol L will refine pores and imperfections, providing a smoother, brighter and clearer complexion.

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Exfoliating Night Serum

Transform your overnight beauty skin care regimen with Aspect Exfol L night serum. This powerful face serum combines a potent blend of naturally derived Alpha-Hydroxy Acids to exfoliate skin and decongest clogged pores. Dull, dry, and aging complexions instantly feel smoother and appear brighter, emanating a youthful radiant glow. Exfol L is beneficial for the cosmetic management of skin concerns that respond to an increase in epidermal cell turnover and improved skin hydration.

The power of L-lactic acid stimulates cellular turnover by encouraging cells in the upper layers of the epidermis to lift and slough away. It also has an exceptional hygroscopic ability to bind and hold water in the upper layers of the skin, enhancing epidermal hydration. Combined with Multifruit BSC, the exfoliative activity of L-lactic acid is enhanced.

A mix of botanicals, alongside Canadian Willowherb™ and wasabi extracts, supports sensitive and reactive skin types via their soothing and calming properties. The naturally derived Alpha-Hydroxy Acids won’t cause irritation to sensitive and reactive skin as most AHA-enriched skin care products do. This serum is particularly good for congested, dull, and aging complexions with thickened skin. Exfol L not only helps clear congestion and remove impurities but also allows for other skin care ingredients to absorb easier into the skin for heightened results.

Please note that Aspect Exfol L has been reformulated and is now much stronger. We recommend reducing the frequency of use in order to introduce the new formula to your skin gently until your skin adjusts to the new strength.

Australian-made and owned from the Aspect Skincare Range and available for delivery to your door from our online skincare shop

Renew and Refine - New Improved Formulation

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