Cosmedix B Complex

Cosmedix B Complex

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Cosmedix B Complex
Cosmedix B Complex
Cosmedix B Complex
Cosmedix B Complex
Cosmedix B Complex
Cosmedix B Complex
Cosmedix B Complex
Cosmedix B Complex
Cosmedix B Complex
Cosmedix B Complex

Cosmedix B Complex

Model Number: COX-8770284

Cosmedix B Complex is an age-defying, skin-quenching Vitamin B Boosting Powder designed to easily mix in with your favourite serum or moisturiser to help clarify the look of skin, replenish the skin’s moisture barrier and add a customized vitamin boost to your daily skincare routine.

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Vitamin B Boosting Powder

Cosmedix B Complex - restore and rejuvenate your skin with the age-defying benefits of Vitamin B. Help improve the look of your skin's tone and texture with this Vitamin B Boosting Powder. Formulated with 10% Niacinamide, Biotin, Coconut Powder, and Yogurt Powder, this intensely hydrating cocktail is designed to be easily mixed in with your favourite Cosmedix serum or moisturiser, or SPF for a nourishing vitamin boost. Incredibly soothing, this versatile formula helps to soften skin and leaves the complexion looking smooth and supple. Assisting your skin to find and maintain a healthy balanced skin barrier function, improving your skin tone and texture. All while supporting your skin’s microbiome and quenching your skin with lasting hydration.

This powder form of Vitamin B is particularly great for dry skin but will assist with everyone’s skin tone and texture. Improving the healthy functions of the skin which in turn allows all other serums to work better.

Totally customisable crystals to add to your routine when you’re in need of some balance or brightness in your complexion.

If your skin’s feeling a little worse for wear, whether that be a dull, unbalanced, or uneven-looking complexion, there’s not much that good old-fashioned Niacinamide can’t tackle. This unique formula puts the power back into your hands, allowing you to “opt-in” to use this with your existing routine, by allowing you to mix these fabulous little crystals into any of your other skincare steps. Try it in your serums, moisturisers - or even your daily SPF for great skin, your way.

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