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Pick Me Up Facial For All Skin Types

Oxygen Facial – Oxygen was initially used to enhance the healing of burns, but required pressurised oxygen tanks and hyperbaric chambers in which oxygen is introduced into the skin to assist with wound healing. Société Clinical Skin Care has taken the wound-healing properties of oxygen and created a clinical-grade, two-step Corrective Oxygenation Facial Treatment that increases circulation, evens out pigmentation and aids in easier extractions.

Oxygen Facials are ideally suited as the perfect pick me up skin treatment for pre-event, wedding or just for the weekend; as a Pre-Treatment skin preparation for chemical lactic acid peels, medi essential facials and LED Phototherapy sessions; or as a Post Treatment to Enzyme Peels and microdermabrasion treatments.

Treatment Cost: $155


Treatment Protocol

Our Oxygen Facial treatments are suitable for ALL skin types including acne suffers; to increase circulation, balance pigmentation and aid in pore congestion, and includes;-

  1. Double Cleanse – using a blend of natural fruit acids to unplug congested pores leaving the skin hydrated
  2. Skin Assessment
  3. Gentle Exfoliation – using an ASPECT mask of natural botanical fruit enzymes sourced from the Amazon Region or ASPECT Illuminating Polish for sun damaged dry skin
  4. Societe 2 Step Oxygenation – A foam-like cream is first applied to clean, dry skin; then a few drops of a catalyst activator are applied over top, warming as it is massaged into the skin, doubling or tripling the foam delivering oxygen molecules directly to where they are needed – and whilst the oxygen treatment works, relax with a face and shoulder massage
  5. Warm Towel – Oxygenation Treatment removal
  6. Physical Condone Extractions – if required
  7. Customised Infusion Mask – a mask your skin will love containing Extreme Vitamin C combined with ASPECT Pigment Punch or Jungle Brew
  8. Relaxing Massage – hands and arms or legs and feet (your choice)
  9. Eye Area Treatment – application of ASPECT Eyelift 3 amino peptides, natural botanicals and anti-oxidants
  10. Moisturiser – using ASPECT Phytostat 9 or ASPECT SMC selected from our professional cosmeceutical range to nourish your skin
  11. Sun Protection – our final touch of COSMEDIX Reflect to protect your most important asset

An Oxygen Corrective Facial is recommended as an Add On to any of our Corrective Treatments for that extra added boost of radiance,  the look of vitality and to balance any uneven skin tones.

Aging is a Fact of Life

Looking your Age is Not!

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Not For Purchase for Home Use


Formulation based on the premise that stable, natural oxygen increases cell metabolism – not to be confused with unstable forms of oxygen, known as free radicals. With age, capillaries break down, reducing blood flow and oxygen levels, which results in lifeless skin. This lack of oxygen diminishes collagen production, causing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Société’s oxygen products are based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide, which delivers molecules directly into the skin, bringing back radiance and freshness.

Developed and tested in a clinical setting, Société’s unique formulations contain high performance, patent-pending ingredients and are paraben free, propylene glycol free and sodium lauryl sulfate free – and further-reinforce the nexus between science and skincare.


  • Targets impure skin
  • Lightens pigmentation
  • Soothes skin post surgery, IPL, laser or peel
  • Sanitises the skin for extractions, and
  • Makes extractions easy – debris within pores can be removed with less effort and discomfort
Societe Oxygen Facial

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