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Oily-Congested-SkinOily Skin Type – Your skin type is determined by how much oil the skin on your face produces. We all need a certain amount of oil on our skin to keep it moisturised and supple, however oily skin occurs when the sebaceous glands in the skin make too much sebum. Sebum is a waxy, oily substance that protects and hydrates the skin.

The causes are varied. It is typically hereditary – if you have oily skin, it’s probably because your parents suffered a similar fate, however, it can also be as a result of environmental, aging, lifestyle factors, or on many occasions is exacerbated by the skincare products you are currently using. The fact is that many of the products claiming to get rid of oil actually make matters worse because they contain ingredients that aggravate the skin and trigger a more shiny complexion.

While you can’t necessarily always get rid of congested greasy looking skin, you can take steps to make your skin less so. The key is to identify the cause or causes. Managing skin conditions and types often requires a person to make regular skincare a habit. Select our Skincare Range to find the best moisturiser for oily skin or the best cleanser. 

As a side note: Oily skin does not age less than someone who has dry skin. It may look less wrinkled because it is often less dry, but the cause of wrinkles is not something oily skin can stop or change.

Oily Skin Type Treatments & Skincare

To Treat Your Skin Correctly

You Need to Know Your Skin Type

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BASIC Skin Type Test

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and water. Use your hands to clean your face and avoid scrubbing too hard.
  2.  Dry your face with a soft towel and leave your skin alone for one hour without applying any products or touching it.
  • If your face feels tight and dry after about a half-hour to an hour after washing, you most likely have Dry skin.
  • Alternatively, if you notice shiny patches popping up all over your face, that’s Oily skin.
  • Combination skin will feel dry in some areas while oily in other parts of the face.
  • Normal skin won’t feel either oily or dry after washing your face––it’ll just feel balanced, plump, and hydrated (hello, skincare goals).
  • Sensitive skin is not actually a skin type. Sensitive skin is simply easily irritated skin, especially when you interact with new products or environments. A change of skincare will generally fix this.

If you are still uncertain as to your Skin Type we suggest you book a Skin Consultation and Analysis with our Skin Specialist.

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