Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup foundations are more than makeup. Blendable, breathable and simple to colour match, apply as required with our travel-sized kabuki brush. Enhance, highlight and define with luxurious, nutrient-infused corrector palettes, bronzers and illuminators, and customizable colours in perfected pinks, browns and bronzes.

Aspect Minerals SkincareWhat is Mineral Makeup?

Although mineral makeup has become trendy, it’s been around longer than most people think. Many ancient cultures used ground-up natural minerals as a means of applying colour to the skin for decoration, camouflage, war paints, etc.

In 1976, it became a requirement for cosmetic firms to list ingredients on their products. Recently some people have been appalled at the harmful substances they were putting on their skin, such as perfume, talc, alcohol, mineral oil, preservatives, emulsifiers and dyes.

This prompted companies to go back to natural cosmetics. As opposed to traditional makeup, mineral makeup is made up of gentle and natural ingredients, such as ground or micronised oxides, talc, zinc oxide and titanium oxide.

Ideal for All Skin Types

Mineral foundation works on all skin types, but you’ll have to use it in conjunction with other products depending on what your skin is like. Those with oily or combination skin should use a mattifying powder on their t-zone, while those with dry skin should use a hydrating mist. Our choice of mineral makeup is the Australian-Made range from Aspect Minerals as well as some of the Colorescience range, and according to media reports, it’s the choice of many others as well. 

UV Sun Protection

Many people prefer mineral makeup because it’s said to offer protection from sun damage. It’s true – that zinc oxide and titanium dioxide do have properties that allow them to act as natural sunscreen. Still, it pays to check the SPF level to know how much protection the product can offer. A measured SPF of at least 30+ is advised for Australian conditions and should be re-applied at least every 4 hours when you are exposed to the sun.

Looking for results-driven professional skincare? We have it covered at NASCENT with brands such as Aspect, Aspect Dr, Aspect Minerals, Aspect Sun, Colorescience, Cosmedix, Cosmedix Elite, Dermaquest, PCA Skin and Societe. Look for Free Delivery, Gifts & Regular Specials.

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A Guide to Selecting the Best Skincare Products

Your skin is the bodies largest organ. Its major functions are protection, regulation and sensation. If our skin is not functioning to its full ability, these functions may become compromised.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of skincare options these days. Not only are there doctors, dermatologists, skin professionals and aestheticians telling you this or that, you also have YouTubers, bloggers and beauty enthusiasts flooding you with thoughts and ideas too. It’s no wonder there are so many skin issues and concerns these days. When you don’t know where to start or what information is reliable, how is your skin really going to respond? More importantly, the use of incorrect skincare products can actually exasperate your condition or cause additional skin problems.

The use of professional active ingredient skincare is recommended. The “Professional” skincare products we recommend on this site can only be purchased through certified stockists and practitioners who are required to provide their professional advice on the application of these products, (as opposed to those you can purchase over the counter (OTC) in the department stores and supermarkets). These recommended professional products contain;-

  • higher levels of active ingredients to boost your skin’s health and correct skin problems
    (OTC product lines have less active ingredients to minimise the chance of irritation to protect the buyer)
  • are backed by clinical studies
    (not exaggerated unsubstantiated claims)
  • are made in small batches and distributed to trained or licensed skin therapists, spas and salons to be supplied with professional advice on their use
    (OTC products are made for the masses and sold in department stores and supermarkets)
  • contain small molecule technology for dermal and epidermal penetration
    (OTC products that lack active ingredients, have large molecules which are not able to penetrate the skin. When a product can’t properly penetrate the skin, it will only “superficially” treat and temporarily provide relief to skin concerns. This gives the illusion that the products are working without actually treating the skin. Professional lines use molecular technology that penetrates the skin producing clinical results)
  • are packaged in airless pump packs to eliminate spoilage of ingredients  when exposed to the air
  • have pH balanced and adjusted ingredients – skin functions at its prime when the natural pH is between 4.5 and 5.5.
    (Often OTC products don’t take pH into consideration and will leave the skin in an alkaline state. When the skin is alkaline, bacteria and free radicals (such as pollution) can invade the skin)
  • do not contain unnecessary fillers and preservatives

Professional skincare often has a reputation of being “too expensive” but that is more often than not actually far from the truth. A good professional line will price their products according to the concentration of active ingredients versus fillers and are actually overall more budget-friendly. It is a common mistake to overuse products which leads to the perception that professional skincare is more expensive. Our Skin Specialist will advise you on the appropriate amount and when to use the products according to your skin condition and type.

When used properly, professional skincare products will last longer and work better giving you the ultimate bang for your buck. OTC products will have a lower upfront cost but over time can be similar in price or more expensive than professional skincare and won’t actually repair the skin condition being treated.

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